Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Three Word Wednesday :: Life is Movement

Is it possible this summer was the fastest in history? I’m going to say yes, even though I realize time is a steady measurement of our days. But, still, this summer was full of movement for our family.

And by movement, I don’t mean we ran all over the place – although on some days we did.

This summer marked some transitions, most of which y’all have heard about here on the blog.

In April, we sold a lake house we loved. But in June we got to buy a new one that we may love more. In May, we met the birth mom of our daughter who is expected to arrive in late September. A room is in the process of being prepared for Rachel Elizabeth, who officially as a crib, bedding, and a changing table awaiting her arrival. The high chair, swing, stroller, car seat are in boxes in her room, but they’ll be ready sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, my best friend Jaclyn went back to full-time work, which obviously is a blessing for her, but an adjustment for our friendship. We befriended each other as single college girls, so our friendship is no stranger to transition. We were married the same summer, walked through seasons of infertility together, and then ending up having five kids who love each like siblings in five years.

Another dear friend has transitions of her own happening that will overflow into my life and God has orchestrated a newer friendship in my life I’m really excited about.

Oh, and Ben starts kindergarten today.

That means I’ll have about six weeks (probably) with Cate and Ben in school before Rachel arrives. I have big plans for those weeks – going to doctors’ appointments, getting my hair cut and colored, scrapbooking, finishing Rachel’s room, and lunching with some friends.

(Sure, I’ll let you know what those six weeks actually end up looking like!)

God knew I would need some wisdom in this season of transition because it’s no secret I’ve resisted change like the plague in the past. I want to embrace what God is doing here. The movement is evidence of the abundant life God promises. {Tweet that.} 

I can see how God is providing and answering prayers and offering opportunities to make himself known. Of course, all of this comes on the heels of our Guatemala mission trip, which is filtering everything in my life different than before.

Kristen Strong wrote a book that been exactly what I needed. Being able to be part of her launch team and read an early copy of “Girl Meets Change” was perfect timing. Stay tuned because there will be more to come on that when it releases next month, but for now, I wanted to share a quote:

“While we are called to rest when appropriate, the nature of life itself is movement. We can stand rigid against the movement and break, or we can lean into flexibility by bending and moving with it.”
{Kristen Strong in “Girl Meets Change,” page 76}

There has been some resting this summer. Hello, afternoons at the pool and waking up without an actual alarm clock. But there has been much movement too.

I’m learning the movement is evidence of life – literally, with new baby we’re expecting and in the ways God is making himself known. I want to bend and move with it. I want to remember moving boxes is hard work but it is part of letting God rearrange our lives. I want to rest in how God has prepared me for what he’s doing.

What kinds of changes are you experiencing in your life?

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