Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How motherhood helped me smash idols

Seven years ago today, I became a momma. An adoption process that also was a faith journey led me to that hospital room, where I held my baby girl for the first time. She was just hours old and we’d witnessed her brave birth mom deliver her into this world.

I knew being a mom would change me. I just had no idea how much.

I came into motherhood a perfectionist who wanted to control details, define days by how much I accomplished, and measure my worth by how long my baby slept and how she behaved. I embraced motherhood, but I held on too tightly to a desire for approval from anyone who would give it to me.

Then I saw my reflection in my daughter's little life. I saw her scared to try something new because she hadn't yet mastered it. I saw her mood crumble when life didn't go the way she expected. I saw her stress about first-grade homework.

I understood every single one of those scenarios she was facing. I knew how she felt inside.

Yet God had brought me on a journey to smash those idols – those replacement loves that distracted me from Christ’s love. It’s been a long, hard journey to admit and then abandon my perfectionist ways that crave approval.

{Read the rest at Jennifer Dukes Lee's blog, where I'm sharing about my love idol journey.}

Yes, I'm going to mention Jennifer's book again because it's been that powerful in my life. "Love Idol" by Jennifer Dukes Lee is worth your time and money ... and, most importantly, your heart. I've been thinking about re-reading it already. 

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