Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snow Week

Cate and I have learned to Rainbow Loom. Ben has built various things about of Legos. We've wrestled and played games of Uno. We've sledded and eaten snow cream. They've watched TV shows and I've worked on my book. Appointments have been rescheduled. Greg even worked from home one day.

We've ordered pizza, eaten the best cinnamon toast ever, and cooked tortellini corn chowder, corn bread and chocolate chip cookies. Jaclyn and I {and four of our five kids in five years} met for lunch on Tuesday and we both knew soon after pulling out of our driveways we shouldn't really even be out on the roads. Greg and I played Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries {appropriate choice, huh?} with Jaclyn that night, knowing we could walk home if our van got stuck in the few blocks between our houses. Jaclyn and I met again today with Sarah joining us at the local restaurant with a ball pit so the kids {that's eight kids 7 and younger among us} could burn some energy. We weren't the only ones in town who ventured out today. The main roads were much better.

Today is Snow Day #4 this week. And another one is coming tomorrow.

Really, I'd normally be thinking Bring on spring! Let's have these days off school in May, not the first week of March. But it's come at a good time.

Cate's been weary from school and homework. Admittedly, the seven-hour school day is still long for her. I was gone over the weekend, which is rare for me, so I've been glad to have the time at home with the kids.

Yes, it's completely possible I will regret these snow days come May 19, when we we're starting a new week of school we weren't supposed to have, packing lunches, doing homework and setting alarms. And, yes, "we" is how we roll with school around here. It's totally a family affair.

But these snow days are exactly what I didn't know we needed. Snow days are kind of like spontaneous vacation. Had this been a scheduled break, I'd probably have planned a bunch of fun activities and errands. My calendar looks conquered only because I got to mark off a bunch of stuff that got canceled or rescheduled. Seems kind of appropriate since I'm laying down my idol named Productivity for Lent.

Have you had snow days this week? If so, how did you spend them?

Here are a couple recent posts that may help you through snow days, although surely spring is coming soon ... right? Make memories now. Joy comes at Family Game Nights.

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  1. If only my office would have snow days! LOL. While not snow days, I'm looking forward to the next couple weekends of focusing on spending time with my youngest son and then in just a few weeks I will be headed to SD to see my oldest son. :))) Makes me all kinds of happy to be with them. Sounds and looks like you've been enjoying some quality time together. Happy snow! Can we still have spring though? {Hugs} to you. Love ya.

  2. KristinHillTaylor3/07/2014 1:16 PM

    Spring is coming ... :) Have a great weekend, friend!