Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Review} 31 Days to Coming Alive

That's Jenn making me smile at the God-sized Dream
Team Party in Branson earlier this month. She's a joy.
Jenn Hand is one of the most joy-filled people I've ever met. She smiles constantly, laughs often, and radiates Christ's love. When she asks questions, she actually wants to know the answers.

Those same traits come through the pages of her devotional, "31 Days to Coming Alive," which releases today on Amazon. It's well worth the $3.99.

After living in Nepal, Jenn came home to Chattanooga and learned a life-changing lesson, which serves as the foundation of her book and, more importantly, her life. She speaks and encourages others through her ministry, Coming Alive. {Learn more about her and her ministry here.}

"In the Nepalese culture, I was surrounded by people worshipping idols all around me -- dead, false gods who would never be able to interact with those worshipping them" Jenn writes in the introduction. "When we accept the invitation of Christ to receive His forgiveness, we are also receiving an invitation to live alive in Christ."

Jenn knows sometimes we get lost in life, sometimes our souls become like those dead idols. Each of the 31 days in the devotion focus on ways we can come alive as we live our lives.

I liked how Day 3 talked about ordinary life.

"God longs to commune with us in the common. ... Talks to Jesus as you do that sink full of dirty dishes. Sing your heart out to Jesus in the shower. ... Take a walk with Jesus. Have a coffee date with him in the morning. Invite him to sit with you and your 4 year old as you build yet another Lego tower, just to see it quickly get knocked down. The seven dwarfs whistled while they worked. When you invite Christ into your common, you worship while you work."

I can't actually whistle, but I love the invitation Christ extends through Jenn's words. It's appropriate that her book releases today, on the first day of spring. Like the flowers bud to show new life, Jenn's words, experiences and joy usher in that same spring in our lives.

Jenn sent me a copy of "31 Days to Coming Alive" so I could write a review, but the message she shares is one that is seeping into my heart. 

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  1. thank you so much for your insights and words.. that means a ton.. i love that it came out on the first day of spring also. I didn't plan that but so cool of God!

  2. I downloaded a copy and look forward to reading. You share such great reviews!! xoxo

  3. KristinHillTaylor6/18/2014 7:18 AM

    I'm glad you have a copy! :)