Thursday, December 5, 2013

{Guest Post} A birthday party for Jesus

My God-sized Dreamer friend Elizabeth and I were Voxing several weeks ago about making Christmas meaningful for our kids. I told her about the Jesus Birthday Party tradition my family began a few years ago with some friends. It's a tradition I've come to love, so I was sharing my thoughts about it with her. Elizabeth then invited me to share on her blog about this party for the King of Kings. So that's what I'm doing today. 

Each year, we sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus with our chorus of friends. And, honestly, it’s become one of my favorite traditions. The simple song is part of a regular birthday where we eat cake, make crafts and hang out with other families.

But the honoree is no regular man. He’s the savior of the world.

So, yes, goody bags are filled with treats to remind the kids who is worth celebrating – this day and every other day of the year. But we try to create a place where Jesus is made known to these. We offer some charitable collections, make crafts to share with neighbors who need something to brighten their days, and hear the Christmas story after singing some carols. This is fellowship with other families who want to dwell on this holiday truth.

Kids understand birthday parties. They look forward to their own and they like receiving invitations to others. I want my kids to grow up understanding that Christmas is a season full of sparkly lights, wrapped boxes and goodwill toward men only because of Jesus.

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