Sunday, November 10, 2013

{Giveaway} Sparkle Box

"The Sparkle Box" was an immediate hit around here. I'm sure the glitter on the front cover helped, especially with my girl. This book is subtitled "A Gift with the Power to Change Christmas," which is a lofty claim but a message I certainly want to my kids to grasp. This is a meaningful but practical story that has beautiful pictures to go along with it.

Sam is so excited about Christmas! He's thinking about his Christmas list, looking forward to holiday parties, and puzzling over one very mysterious gift: a sparkly box sitting on the mantel. In the midst of the festivities, Sam and his family participate in various acts of kindness to others. On Christmas morning, when Sam finally opens the box, he finds only slips of paper that record the family's good deeds. Sam's mom explains the things they've been doing are, in fact, a gift for Jesus, for Jesus said whatever we do for those in need, we do for Him.

Cate's showing you her favorite page ... 

Cate said her favorite part was when Sam gives the homeless man a candy bar. After reading the book, the kids and I talked about ways we could serve others who need help. Yes, we want to do this around Christmas, but we also want to be aware of needs around us throughout the year.

Written by Jill Hardie and and illustrated by Christine Kornacki, "The Sparkle Box" is a wonderful addition to our bookshelf. And our own sparkly box will be out as a reminder to serve.

About the author :: Jill Hardie and her family began placing a gift for Jesus under their Christmas tree as a way of bringing more meaning to the holiday. The first time they opened His gift, the commercialism of the season melted away and they felt a profound joy and peace. Jill hopes that The Sparkle Box will spark a new Christmas tradition, bringing light into thousands of lives.

About the illustrator :: At a very early age, Christine Kornacki developed a love for painting and bringing stories to life. After receiving a BFA in illustration from the University of Hartford, her dreams of illustrating children's books began to take shape. She spends her days painting in her studio, which adjoins a charming cafe in New Haven, Connecticut.

About the book :: "The Sparkle Box" is a 32-page hardcover book with jacket and includes a fold-out sparkle box! It's aimed toward ages 4 to 8, but I venture to say older kids could soak up this message too. Learn more about the book at its website, from the book trailer or Ideal Books' Facebook page.

And one of you will win a copy, thanks to FlyBy Promotions! To enter to win, just leave a comment below about something you've done to teach your kids about helping others. It can be a Christmas tradition or something that's happened at another time. This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents. A winner will be chosen randomly on Saturday, Nov. 16.

Updated to say ... CONGRATULATIONS, Catherine Lanier! You win! Be looking for the book in your mailbox. Thanks to everyone who entered. This book is worth buying if you're looking for something to add to your holiday collection!

I received our copy of "The Sparkle Box" free from FlyBy Promotions in exchange for this mention on my blog. This review is composed from my own thoughts and those my kids shared with me. I have no doubt we'll actually use this book for years to come. I included an Amazon affiliate link because I do think the book is worth buying. 

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  1. One of the things we do is the Operation Christmas Child box - love that tradition. We also like to "sponsor" a family in need from our church/community and that is a lot of fun too!!

  2. KristinHillTaylor11/10/2013 8:39 PM

    Our church is have a box-stuffing party for Operation Christmas Child this week, Kristin! It's a great (and meaningful!) tradition for us too. I'm glad to see your pretty face here!

  3. This looks like a great book! :) Mae is still learning, but I take her with me when I volunteer at church, and she's started "helping" a little when she can. It's fun to watch her get excited about doing something kind for others. As a family, we also sponsor a Compassion child, and Mae loves to pray for him and look at his picture. :)

  4. KristinHillTaylor11/10/2013 8:47 PM

    It's great you're incorporating your normal volunteering into her routine. She'll grow up familiar with it, which I think only will help her down the road. That's my philosophy at least! :) Good to see you here, friend!

  5. flowerchild2311/11/2013 6:48 AM

    We donate food and presents to our local food bank. This year I am hoping to be able to take my oldest daughter to volunteer at our local food bank.


  6. KristinHillTaylor11/11/2013 8:32 AM

    Such a tangible way to give! Thanks for sharing and visiting here!

  7. We serve with my church's Christmas ministry and can't wait for Penny I start serving with us. Last year we brought Maddie with us and are trying to teach her about serving. We also plan to have Penny pick out a present for Jesus to put under the tree starting maybe next year. I hope to do this with Maddie as well.

  8. KristinHillTaylor11/13/2013 7:48 AM

    Incorporating service and giving from the beginning, gradually as they can sort of begin to understand, is certainly the way to go. I'm glad you entered. :)

  9. We do Operation Christmas Child the kids each do a box for child their age. We also bake cookies to share with friends, neighbors, and nursing home.

  10. KristinHillTaylor11/14/2013 8:10 PM

    Yay! I'm glad you entered. :)

  11. Tabitha Myers11/14/2013 8:25 PM

    We fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. We also sponsor a boy with Compassion International. I also try to help them understand that other people might want things that we aren't using, instead of throwing them out or just letting them collect dust. If we see someone with a specific need and know we have something to fill it we will offer.

  12. KristinHillTaylor11/15/2013 9:06 AM

    Great ideas! Thanks for entering to win this fabulous book!