Saturday, October 26, 2013

Right Now :: Cate

People always tell me these moments of mothering little ones will fly by. I have no doubt this is true. In effort to remember, I document life in words and photos. Here are some glimpses into my girl, who will officially be 6 1/2 in less than two weeks, right now. 

1. The other night I made meatloaf, roasted potatoes and green beans for dinner and Cate was excited. We also recently went to Cracker Barrel where she ordered her standard meal there: Corn, fried okra and bacon.

2. She's lost nine teeth in the past 16 months.

3. At her parent-teacher conference this week, we learned she chooses writing whenever she has free choice of a school activity. I'm not surprised because she typically carries a notebook with her.

4. Cate still likes to watch Disney Junior. And I'm totally fine with that. Other favorite TV choices remain "My Little Pony" episodes and "Land Before Time" movies.

5. She takes a book or three with her to bed every night and along to football games and restaurants. Berenstain Bears books are popular. Recently, she's also read some chapter books, including "Ramona the Pest" and "Heidi."

6. If she doesn't get a chance to ride her "two-wheel bike" in the afternoon, she is at least planning when she'll get to ride.

7. She still likes to wear dresses and sparkly shoes, but she is starting to come around to jeans, which she literally hasn't worn in years until recently.

8. She builds with Legos, plays school and creates all sorts of crafts when she plays in her room.

9. Even though she'd never admit it, the school week wears out Cate. This shows almost every Thursday. Thankfully, she loves school and does well, even when her spelling list includes words like diligent and buccaneers.

10. While she seems taller and older nearly every day, she still likes to cuddle with me in the mornings. We're the two in our family who like to wake up slowly and quietly.

Ali Edwards did posts like this about her family. I loved the real-life documentation so much I wanted to do it for myself. Stay tuned because future installments on Ben, Greg and myself will be coming soon. 

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