Sunday, July 7, 2013

A nearby but new view

For the third week in a row, we were sleeping somewhere other than our own house for part of the week. For a family who likes road trips and adventure, we weren't complaining. Funny thing about this last trip was it was only about 30 minutes from our house, yet it really felt like a getaway for me. We like to spend time at Kentucky Lake, and even have a vacation rental house there, but we spent three nights at a different house with some of Greg's family.

New views are good for my soul.

We ate lots of good food. And other than the broccoli salad I contributed for the Fourth of July party, I wasn't responsible for any of it. My mother-in-law had the cabinets and fridge stocked with meals and snacks.

The house has a theater room. And, as you can see, it was a hit. I lost count of how many times they watched "The Jungle Book" with some "Veggie Tales" thrown in.

We also celebrated my nephew Kieran's 2nd birthday about a week late. But, hey, he didn't seem to mind.

There was much laughing with cousins, who are also friends.

Smiles were common too. Greg caught 20 catfish and at least one large-mouth bass on July 4th and Ben was happy to help him out at the dock. Cate lost her seventh tooth, which I didn't even realize was that ready to come out. That's seven teeth out in 13 months and an especially large gap on top.

We didn't see the sun much while we were there, but we still went for a boat ride.

I like that my 6-year-old daughter takes pictures with me in them. {Another favorite moment she snapped is here from last week.}

The sun was still a stranger, but the temperatures warmed up enough Friday we decided to swim. And I'm glad we did. Look at that view. Seriously amazing. Contrary to the illusion, Greg isn't going to fall over. There is a ledge to the pool that over looks the lake.

Have you gotten away to enjoy a new view lately?

We have a three-bedroom house on Kentucky Lake called The Gathering Place that is available for rent. I also manage this house mentioned in this post. It's a six-bedroom house called Kentucky Lake Lodge. Both are available for rent. Let me know if you're interested in reserving some dates for a getaway of your own at either house. 

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