Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We are here.

The blog has been a little quiet. I didn't really plan the break, but, really, it's been good for me to tend to my list of other, more deadline-oriented writing and enjoy the people around me. I'm a funny mix of wanting to take care of tasks but valuing my relationships. My natural instinct is to be task-oriented but I don't know where I'd be without my people.

We celebrated my niece's 3rd birthday in Highland, Illinois, last weekend with a quick day-long road trip that included a fun children's museum, some down time with family, and a delicious pizza dinner. {Ben didn't get burned this year.} That picture above is all of the Taylor cousins: Kieran (almost 2), Elijah (9), Mae (3), Ben (3 1/2), Evelyn (4), Ethne (7 1/2), Charlie (6 weeks), Cate (6).

Cate's been at basketball camp {no really loose teeth right now; she did just lose her sixth one!} and we've been to the pool and will likely make it a time or two more before this week is over. I'm almost done reading "Love Does" by Bob Goff and we're nearing the end of the first season of Mad Men on Netflix. I'm surprised by how much I like it.

Here is a dose of reality from around here: I forgot to feed Cate breakfast on Monday morning before she went to basketball camp. Here, let me defend myself. I had a breakfast meeting with a friend I was dragging Ben to, so I knew we didn't need to eat before camp. Cate slept later and got ready for camp as soon as she woke up and, well, once I helped her tie her shoes, I assumed my duty was done for the getting-ready routine.

And then I finally showered for the day about 30 minutes before friends came over tonight for dinner. I didn't even dry my hair because the baked spaghetti was ready to come out of the oven, sounding the alarm on my personal care time. Catching up with my friend while our kids built a fort with every blanket we own was good for my soul.

It's been imperfectly busy around here, but I'm actually not feeling stressed. I hope that peace that certainly passes my understanding continues because my calendar seems full and my list of projects to get done seems long. But I've got these two kids who are embracing summer just like I hoped they would and I've got a husband who works hard so I can be a work-at-home mom and then is present and involved when he comes home.

So we are here. Living.

And while I'm here, let me tell you about some deals ...

This lovely "Chosen" necklace is only $9.99 {that's $7 less than usual} at DaySpring.

You can buy two journals/notebooks from DaySpring and get a third free. I've loved all the notebook I've used from there. Just add the three products to your cart and you'll receive the lowest-priced item for free.

Max Lucado cards also are on sale at DaySpring. You'll find good deals on meaningful cards.

Elsewhere ...

"Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing" by Sally Lloyd-Jones is just $1.99 for your Kindle {also well worth the $12.23 for a hardback copy}. This is a devotional that is a lovely supplement to beautiful "The Jesus Storybook Bible," which is just $2.99 {Kindle} or $9.93 {hardback}.

Crocs are on sale -- up to 60% off -- at zulily from Thursday through Saturday. Definitely a deal worth checking out if your kids are like mine about shoes, wanting to get them on quick, getting them dirty quickly, and outgrowing them in a flash.

Now that summer is in full swing around here, I'm realizing I didn't share one of my all-time favorite summer products that I manage to use year around: Banana Boat's Aloe After-Sun Lotion. Yes, four 16-ounce bottles seems like more than you'll need, but if you like the preserve the scents of summer, you won't mind having extra on hand. I discovered small bottles at Big Lots recently so now I carry the lotion in my purse.

What are you reading and watching? Where have you seen good deals? What have you been doing?

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