Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Words

Having a bad doesn't make you a bad mother :: This is so good. "Buy ear plugs if you have to – turn up the music, dance in the fact that you are doing it – you are mothering and it’s the hardest gig for the most demanding audience. Don’t waste the good moments on that voice. Don’t listen. Learn to tune it out and run to your kids instead. Run and hug and laugh away the bad moments. Say sorry when you need to and stay down on your knees a little longer, look around and see how the world is small and big at the same time and it’s right there in your hands." I saved this for when I was having the kind of day I needed such a reminder. I just recently started following Lisa-Jo Baker's blog, but I can tell it will be a place of much encouragement.

I need you. You need me. {And that's good.} :: Holley Gerth did it again. Her words came through my laptop like she was sitting at my kitchen table, reminding me that this is the good, real life I'm living in community with my friends who lead ordinary lives like me. But together we're extraordinary.

Thoughts on Hospitality :: Yes! Jennifer Bruce contrasts entertaining and hospitality in a way that should make us breathe a sigh of relief and unlock our doors. "The next time you have an opportunity to welcome someone into your home, I challenge you to practice hospitality. Don't put on a show. Just open the door and your heart as you invite someone to c'mon in and be part of your family for awhile."

Have you read anything good online this week?

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