Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A {Sort of} Sick Day on a {Sort of} Snow Day

They're watching one of the countless "Land Before Time" sequels. 

Today my daughter's school {and several others in our county and neighboring counties} was canceled because of the freezing rain happening last night and assumed to happen this morning. The roads around my in-town house are fine. I'm guessing some back roads may not have been as clear.

I've also taken my daughter to the doctor today with some spots on her face that weren't healing. I know only from experience that they were likely impetigo, which is a symptom of strep throat. So, yes, for the second time in her little life, my daughter has strep throat with sores on her face being the only symptom. And, actually, this time her rapid strep test was negative but the nurse practitioner didn't believe it when she looked at Cate's throat. This is her fourth strep diagnosis {the three previous ones were all the fall/winter of 2010} and in only one of those four times did her throat actually hurt. So strange.

Even thought the roads aren't icy, it seems like a good day to spent at home and let some antibiotic battle a bacteria I barely knew was creeping in my daughter's body and life. We'll get enough doses in her that she can go to school tomorrow and not infect her friends.

I'm reminded this morning that we shouldn't interpret situations on our feelings and sometimes we have to trust our instincts. My daughter doesn't feel bad, but, still, something wasn't right in her and I trusted my instinct and took her to the pediatrician. Yes, I texted my nurse friend Courtney a picture of my daughter's face first thing this morning to get her opinion. Yes, I felt a little silly when I told the nurse I wanted to bring Cate in so someone could look at what I thought was impetigo on her face.

Likewise, the school principal had to trust her instincts while making a decision about today last night when surrounding school districts were calling off school because of the assumed bad weather that would make getting to school dangerous for some families. Cate goes to a small, private school, so these decisions are different than at large, multi-school districts. But the principal made a judgement based on the information she had and, I'm assuming, the instincts inside her.

And, truly, even though it doesn't all make sense looking out my front door, it's worked out for the best for us. Perhaps other families needed this day for some reason. There is no way to see everything happening around us, but we have to trust that all is indeed working together for the good.

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