Monday, December 24, 2012

12 in 2012 ... with a giveaway!

This year was good to us. Unlike most every year since Greg and I were married in 2002, this year didn't have major life-changing moments. We didn't move. I wasn't diagnosed with a chronic disease or start a new, freeing treatment for it. We didn't adopt a baby. Nobody quit or started jobs. We didn't even bungy jump. My girl did start kindergarten and lose a couple teeth. And we traveled, of course. But 2012 was full of ordinary moments that challenged and encouraged me to live intentionally and choose joy. Of course, there were many times I failed and wished I'd reacted gentler and kinder, spoken softer and sweeter, acted quicker, and chose joy sooner.

But in the end, we're blessed and this year reminded me how good life really is.

To recap these adventurous in ordinary life, I thought I'd list the 12 most-read posts from my blog. Honestly, the posts do seem to reflect our year, although a couple of them surprised me when I started ranking which posts had the most views.

So here they are, in chronological order:

Two of those 12 posts tied for the most views. Want to guess which ones? How about making this into a game? With a prize!

First three people {who live in the United States} to guess one of the two posts with the most page views wins a 2013 calendar. And these are better than those free calendars you get in your mailbox from your insurance company. Trust me. You may guess once. Then if no one guesses correctly, I may let you guess again. You have until Dec. 31, or until three people guess correctly. Be sure to leave your email so I can contact you. And ... here's a hint: One of the two especially surprised me. 

Bonus: If you want a second guess in the first round, follow me on Twitter. Tell me in the comments you did as you make your second guess.

Alright. Ready. Set. Go ... 

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  1. I agree everything in Texas is big, we lived there for 7 years prior to moving to KY. Love your blog!! I would guess Being a Boy Mom is Hard, oh because I agree! We need to meet up sometime! Have a Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks, Jennie! We totally should meet sometime!

  2. Love the blog. My guess is {Adoption} Better than my plan. And I'm feeling lucky!

  3. A couple other comments came in via Facebook ...

    Jenn : The two newest: adoption and wreck.

    Courtney : My account is giving me problems on my phone to leave a comment on the my guesses are about the wreck, and being a boy mom is hard.

    And while all of these are guesses I would make myself, they aren't right. :)

  4. Being a Boy Mom is hard is my guess.

  5. Twas the night before kindergarten and No, don't always say no

    had to publish as anonymous, but this is alice r.

  6. Apparently Blogger was acting up, so here are some more Facebook comments:

    Heather : I don't think my comment would post on your contest page. My guess is She hearts #11! She was so cute meeting her favorite Racer!

    Peggy : I couldn't get my comment to work earlier, but my picks are "She hearts #11 and No, don't always say no"

    And those two are our first winners! Heather and Peggy will receive calendars soon! One of the two most-read posts was "She {hearts} #11." That probably happened because my girl's favorite Racer re-tweeted the post. And, well, he had many fans. :)

    There is still one most-read post that ties with that one that hasn't been guessed ... Any takers? :)