Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Soaking up Slugs & Bugs

I have many ideas. Some of them have never been spoken aloud. Others have been altered as soon as they came out of my mouth. Sometimes these ideas are clearly the nudging of God, so I go with it. I'm learning sometimes all it takes to get an idea rolling is to ask.

So that's what I did with one particular idea in September. I emailed Randall Goodgame with an idea. We emailed back and forth, tweaking and shaping the idea. And part of that idea came to be Sunday with the second Slugs & Bugs concert I've hosted in Murray. {Read about the first here.}

I'm really glad I asked.

My four closest friends here were supportive of my slightly crazy idea from the moment I texted them. A couple of them made sure they were back from their Thanksgiving travels to be at the concert. I had other friends help me brainstorm my fundraising plan and them immediately jump on board with financial contributions.

Last year, my generous church paid for the concert, which was held at a theater on Murray State's campus. This year, I was nudged to make it a community-sponsored event, continuing a unifying work I see God doing in this community among churches and friends. Admittedly, I wondered how I was going to raise the concert fee, but I never doubted it would happen. I probably signed the contract a little sooner than my husband would have liked, but I trusted God was moving.

And He moved.

Different churches and their ministries pitched in {Little Hands Story Time at Immanuel Lutheran Church, First Baptist, Christian Community Church, Murray Family Church}. My daughter's private school {New Covenant Christian Academy} joined the effort. Local businesses {Taylor Motors, Dwain Taylor Chevrolet/Toyota of Murray, The Closet Door Consignment, Jenn Hall King Photography, West Kentucky Neurology, Greg Taylor & Associates, Cornerstone Lawn Care, Jarvis Vision Center} helped. My brother-in-law Charles Taylor promoted his upcoming concert. Friend {Mary and John Pettit, Dana and Charles Bramley, and Courtney and Andy French} donated.

Seventeen donations before the event plus some donations at the door paid for the concert fee. And the process reminded me God moves through details so he can be glorified. Plus, it was a fun "professional" project for me and encouraged me to put KHT Promotions out there.

In this end, about 130 people got to praise God through fun songs. Us parents got to see our kids experience joy and learn motions to songs that are the perfect soundtrack to this season of parenting little ones. The dad behind me said, "This is freakin' awesome. My son never sits still, but he's sitting here soaking this up."

That's how it should be. I want my kids to soak up what is true and good. Slugs & Bugs has been the soundtrack to so many ordinary moments in our family's life that I'm glad friends and businesses helped me be able to share that with others, especially the boy sitting behind me. And I'm glad Randall Goodgame didn't mind talking through an idea with a stay-at-home mom who likes to dream.

Parents, if you aren't familiar with Slugs & Bugs, you can check the music out on YouTube, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook. Want more? Subscribe to get "Insights" in your inbox. Or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

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