Monday, October 1, 2012

{Giveaway} 152 insights to my soul

From "You've Got Mail" by

I started blogging in 2001 after some nudging from a friend who must have known it would be good for me. I had no idea I'd stick with it this long or how this place would become a place for me to document so many seasons of life.

But here I am. Still writing. This is good for my soul. And it calms my fear that I'll forget the details I want to remember. I believe I have stories to tell. And people seem to want to read them.

I've moved 152 Insights to My Soul to, although Blogger should redirect people from the old address. Even so, you may want to update your bookmarks or feed in Google Reader. What? You don't use Google Reader? You totally should. And save there.

Be sure to come back here after you do that because I have a gift for one reader.

You can watch the clip above if you don't know which movie references "152 insights to my soul ..." I don't even really remember why that line jumped into my mind when I was naming my blog. But I still like the title all these years later. And, hey, the movie is great too, even talks about writing.

Leave a comment telling me why you named your blog whatever you chose {if you have a blog} or what you'd name a blog {if you had one} for a chance to win your own DVD copy of "You've Got Mail."

For extra entries ...
 A winner, who must live in the United States, will be chosen randomly on Monday, Oct. 8.  

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