Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{7 Things} I don't do

Apparently sitting in a sink didn't make my
Things I Don't Do list when I was 14 months old.

I happened upon a new-to-me blog last week and read "Things I Don't Do" while browsing The Diaper Diaries. So here is my own list of things I just don't do, even though plenty of people do. It's quite freeing to create the opposite of a to-do list.

1. Pinterest.
I created an account once, about 11 months ago. I found a fabulous ornament wreath idea that I ended up making, but then I only got back on Pinterest to delete my account several months later. For me, I don't need another thing to suck my time or give me more ideas that clog my mind from focusing on what's in front of me. I realize I'm pretty much the only stay-at-home mom who likes crafts anywhere who doesn't do Pinterest, but I'm OK with that. And I'm OK with my friends who are creative geniuses and feel at home there.

2. Garden.
I wish I had onions and squash and garlic and banana peppers and potatoes growing in my back yard. But I don't. Maybe one day I will. But I don't need another responsibility right now. 

3. Iron.
Seriously. We've lived in our current house for three years, and I haven't once opened the ironing board. Truthfully, I'm not even sure we have one. My husband steams his own work shirts, well, the ones that aren't wrinkle resistant. 

4. Drink coffee, tea or beer.
Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Really, I don't really like hot drinks of any kind. I can tolerate hot chocolate on a really cold day.  I've lived my whole life in Kentucky, which has plenty of sweet tea. But I think it's gross. I think unsweetened tea is gross too. And, well, beer is gross too. I do really like Diet Dr Pepper though.

5. Bake. 
Unless it comes from a box, and even those boxed desserts are limited to Ghiradelli brownies and Betty Crooker brookies. 

6. Mow the lawn.
I grew up with a dad and brother who mowed our yard. My mom even occasionally did. My sister may have, but I don't really remember her doing so. Then I lived on campus in a dorm for four years. Then I spent about another year in a Louisville apartment. And then I got married and we spent our first year in a Lexington apartment. When we moved into a house in 2003, my husband mowed, even though it's not his favorite chore. And, well, now the lawn care company my husband started mows our yard along with many others. 

7. Miss my kids' newborn days.
It's true. I longed to have a family. I cried many tears over not being able to get pregnant. God grew my faith during our first adoption process more than any other single season of my life. But I'm not the kind of mom who cries at first birthday parties or when my baby takes her/his first steps. There's plenty of bittersweet moments {like when my boy said, "I love you," instead of his typical "I love lou" today and I immediately texted my husband to inform him ...}, but getting up in the middle night to feed a baby isn't once of those for me. Either is the packing however many bottles are necessary for however long whatever given outing will be. I like walking and talking and drinking from a sippy cup phases. And, hello, being able to read

What about you? What relatively normal things aren't for you

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