Friday, August 31, 2012

a new season upon us

Me at 16 months old
I grew up cheering for the Kentucky Wildcats. My dad played football, earned his degree and met my mom, who also graduated from UK, there. I lived much closer to Louisville as a kid, but our allegiance was always to the Big Blue.

And then I moved west and adopted the Racers. So, when it comes to sports, I bleed two shades of blue. One royal, the other navy. The Wildcats and the Racers are both getting their football seasons underway this weekend.

College football is back! And I'll be in the stands at Papa John's Stadium wearing blue in what is sure to be a sea of red.

But I have to confess something: I'm not sure I'm ready for football season because I still haven't gotten over basketball season. Yes, my Kentucky Wildcats won the National Championship, but, really, it's my Racers that went 31-2 in what people don't hesitate to call the school's greatest basketball season. Ever. And, really, eight is great! Right, Big Blue Nation?

Thing is, I'm a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan too. And I haven't let go of the 2011-12 basketball season long enough to soak in baseball. I know, summer is going away, and I'm still stuck in a winter sport. My boys of summer even won the World Series last year.

I've decided today I'm going to try. 

I'm going to try to pay more attention to these St. Louis Cardinals who are certainly not out of the playoff hunt this year. I want to know what Mike Matheny does in first year as a manager. I really haven't missed Albert Pujols and don't even know what kind of season he's having on the West Coast.

And I'm going to kick off football season right, wearing blue to support the visiting team. I'll keep wearing blue, although it'll certainly be navy some weekends. UK's football team may leave me yearning for Big Blue Madness, which has happened plenty of years before, but Murray State could have an exciting season.

The fact I miss Donte Poole, eager to see Isaiah Canaan play again and am sad LaTreze Mushatt is hurt before the season even began won't change. Yes, I'll be ready when college basketball tips. Until then, I'm trying to move on to the end of baseball and the beginning of college basketball.

For which team will you cheer this weekend? 

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