Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're good.

People will ask what we've been doing or how we are. I tend to give generic answers. We're great. We've been busy. Life is good. We're having fun. All of which are true. But, still, that doesn't really capture life. Of course, not every day is walk-in-the-park easy, but when all the moments are strung together, life is indeed good.

So, here's some snapshots of our life lately.

We really like being at the lake. This view could be yours too.

One of the four of us thinks it's OK to kiss fish.

Our favorite college friend hung out with us.

Cate wrapped up ballet with a simple performance.

It's been hot. Like 90 degrees yesterday. So we went to the spray park.

What about you? How's your life, seriously?


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