Thursday, April 12, 2012

969.42 miles and counting ...

It's been a busy week.

The kids and I went shopping in Paducah {47.1 miles one way} on Monday for some wall art for the lake house. We were successful and had a good time. And I discovered the spicy chicken sandwich {with pepper jack cheese!} at Chick-fil-A. I can't believe I've been missing out on this. We ended up solving our grill problems at the lake house that night {14.1 miles each way}, Cate befriended the neighbor there, and some evening fishing happened.

She fishes with some sass.
Ben wanted to fish kiss this fish.
Tuesday was just busyness here. I worked at Greg's office like I do once a week. Cate at t-ball practice. And then we took Cate to the Murray State Basketball Banquet. I've never been before, but this was a good year to try something new in support of this team. I'm glad we went, although had I known we'd get to interact with some of our favorite players last week at Cate's school, we may not have gone. Either way, listening to coaches, players and Neal Bradley, the awesome radio voice of the Racers, recap the season made me want it to happen all over again. Right now.

She drew circles around Donte while writing on the program.

Wednesday we took a road trip with Courtney and her kids to the Nashville Zoo {122 miles away}. Us two moms shared two meals together with our four kids, saw lots of animals, handed out 15 snacks {no exaggeration}, supervised bathroom stops that never seemed to be in sync with one other, laughed often, and heard few complaints and tears from our kids.

We got to be up close and personal to some animals.

The bamboo makes for a nice photo backdrop.

We watched the flamingos for quite some time ...

... and then Cate pretended to be a flamingo!

"My turn. Flamingo too," says Child #2.

Today I've been in town again. We went out to the lake house to be there while the guy to install the Internet service and then we met Sarah, Davey and Atticus at Pagliai's so we could catch up while the kids played on the indoor playset. Really, there should be more restaurants like this. Later, I'm going back to the lake house to meet the cleaning lady.

Tomorrow we're going back on the road to check out Dinosaur World in Cave City, Ky. {155.1 miles away}, for cousin Evelyn's birthday. Then we'll continue northeast to the Lexington area {123.8 miles} where we'll spend two nights for a day at Keeneland with family and more time with friends.

We'll come home {267.7 miles from my dearest friend's house, where we're staying} Sunday and this week's miles will total more than 969.42 with the driving around town here where I live, there where I shopped, there were we detoured in Nashville because we missed our exit somehow, there where we'll visit people we love and watch horses. This is life. Not every week is like this. But life is good. And I'm grateful for the journey.


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