Monday, February 6, 2012

4 years 9 months

Cate seems like she's grown up right before my eyes lately.

She's outgrown several pairs of size 5 pants and says things that seem deep and well thought out. She's making more lowercase letters when she writes and draws, which is often. {See picture above.} That was between cheers at a recent Murray State game. She has claimed Donte Poole as her favorite Racer.

She remembers all kinds of details. She talks to anyone. And she likes people to come over for dinner.

And, you know, she still wants to be a flu shot doctor, although her dreams don't end there.

I think ballet is as close to cheerleading as she'll get, if Greg and I have anything to do with it. And, because we're her parents, we do.

Cate likes her friends and cousins, stickers and Sharpies, any crafts, Berenstain Bear books and movies, pushing the small grocery cart at Kroger, helping in the kitchen, playing Wii Fit with her daddy, and watching the Racers and UCats {her ingenious nickname for Kentucky}. She laughs often, tells detailed stories {including dreams, which she refers to as "sleep stories"}, makes up songs about anything, and remembers everything.

I know I mentioned the remembering trait twice. But, really, it's that prevalent in my almost-5-year-old girl. And I want to remember the way she remembers. And lives. And keeps me on my toes while bringing joy to my days.

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1 comment:

  1. What a sweet update. I love her detailed stories. <3 I can't wait to hear some soon!