Thursday, January 5, 2012

48 hours

Here's a glimpse into my Tuesday and Wednesday this week. It was a fun "adventure," as 4-year-old Cate described it. But it's no wonder my mind seems to keep thinking it's Monday ...

8:15 am - Got blood drawn at Murray-Calloway County Hospital.

9:08 am - Dropped Cate off at school and then ran errands.

10:30 am - Finished packing, picked up around the house, ate lunch.

12:39 pm - Picked Cate up at school.

12:53 pm - Left Murray. Ben fell asleep shortly after.

{Murray to Leitchfield is 154 miles.}

3:05 pm - Stopped for snacks {and Ben woke up ...} and killed some time before picking up Greg at the Grayson Co. Courthouse, where he was working, and continuing to Louisville.

{Leitchfield to Louisville is 71 miles.}

6:05 pm Eastern - Exited I-65 for Freedom Hall and sat in traffic. Made it in, found my sister with our tickets, found our seats and got food before starting lineups were introduced. We watched a somewhat ugly game, but a win is a win and the Wildcats beat Arkansas-Little Rock 73-51.

9:20 pm - Headed to Mom's house where we were "sleeping just one night," according to my daughter who wanted more.

1:05 am - Wondered why I wasn't asleep but had been laying in bed for more than an hour.

6:09 am - Cate woke us up a little before our 6:30 alarm. We all got up and ready for the day. {Eastern time is earlier than our hometown central time ... so it was an early day, folks!}

7:19 am - Said goodbyes to Cassie & Zac and headed to Shepherdsville, where Greg was going to start his work day.

{Louisville to Shepherdsville is 18.3 miles. The kids napped, briefly.}

8:05 am - Kids and I shopped at Target.

9:40 am - Arrived at Build-A-Bear and waited until it opened at 10 am, at which time the kids start building Max and Emily.

{Shepherdsville to the east end of Louisville is 29.6 miles.}

10:40 am - Shopped at Costco, thanks to a Christmas gift card.

{From there to lunch was 11.3 miles.}

11:35 am - Arrived 10 minutes early at W.W. Cousins for lunch with a friend I don't see often enough.

{Just 9 miles from there to the mall.}

12:40 pm - Headed toward Oxmoor, where I spent another Christmas present -- an Archiver's gift card.

1:15 pm - Spent $2.25 in quarters on small kids rides in mall. Then kids played more when the rides weren't moving.

{Back across part of Louisville for 10.4 miles, and the kids napped again.}

2:10 pm - Left to meet Mom at Chick-fil-A, where the kids played more before we got in the van for a long time.

{The 25.5-mile drive from mom's neck of the woods to Bardstown straight down U.S. 150 E/U.S. 31E was a beautiful stretch I'd never seen before.}

4:10 pm - Picked Greg up at Bardstown, where he ended his work day. Headed to Murray.

{Bardstown to Murray is 207 miles, and Ben slept almost the entire trip.}

6:20 pm - Arrived at CFSB Center, got some concession stand dinner and settled in to watch our Racers become 15-0 with a 76-67 win over EKU.

9:10 pm - Drove the 1.5 miles home and everybody got ready for bed.

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