Thursday, December 29, 2011

Party of nine ...

That's us with some of our dearest, closest friends. And together we had five kids in five years. They've known each other all their little lives, which means their interactions are sometimes more like siblings than friends. They love and pester and hug and nag each other.

We cherish this family.

I'm blessed in my friendship with Jaclyn. And have been since we met in 1998. We've been through many seasons of life in those 13 years. We've fallen in love with our spouses, stood up at each other's weddings, started careers, struggled to have babies, quit jobs, become mothers, and now we're raising kids.

That's alone is worth a meal at Outback. With the 40-minute wait. With the kids. Because life wouldn't be the same with out her and her family. And this is Christmas.

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