Friday, December 9, 2011

Never say never ...

I have a bad habit of making generalizations that end up not being true.

In college, I told Greg {and probably others} that I'd never live in Murray and work at the Murray Ledger & Times. But Greg proposed in 2002, and I accepted, knowing he wanted to practice law in his hometown when he got finished in law school. I started working at the Ledger & Times a month after moving to Murray in September 2002.

I worked there for four years, and I loved the job. It was challenging to work and live in the same small town. And I learned much about myself while doing it. Funny thing is, I had a great plan to be a working mom. That only lasted a short time, though, because I quit my reporting job to be a full-time momma when Cate was 4 months old.

Never say never, I know.

You'd think I would've learned by now.

I told Greg over and over for years that our kids were going to public schools. Hands down. No negotiating. My parents are public school educators. I had a good public school experience. We live in a town with two good public school systems. And on and on ...

Then God got a hold of my heart with this subject. And he used Cate's preschool experience to do it. We've loved Cate's preschool classes at a local church. I started thinking about how the biblical foundation wouldn't be part of her learning to read, writing sentences, working math problems, and discovering how things work as a kindergartner. And I started thinking about how to close this gap.

I feel strongly about going to church, working, and going to school in the community in which you chose to live. I believe that's how community is intended to work. With that said, we live in a small town so our schooling options are limited.

The neighboring town {15 minutes away from my driveway} has a Christian school. In its second year, it's still pretty small. But the philosophy there aligns with what we believe to be true and important. And I could sense God urging me to give up my plan and trust his leading.

So that's what I'm doing. I turned in Cate's kindergarten registration papers Wednesday after we spent an hour in the K-1 classroom. I left the school sensing peace in this decision for our family and being thankful that God doesn't listen to my faulty generalizations.

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