Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

I saw this wreath on Pinterest the only time I've browsed the site to which many friends are addicted.

And I decided to make it.

That's my finished product.

I actually made a rough draft version with my daughter. She likes that one {which is red, green and silver} so I'll finish it and hang it on her door. But I wanted a blue one, thinking I'd leave it hanging on the front door into the winter once Christmas is over.

So ...

It's easy.

You can do it too.

I took a wire clothing hanger and reshaped it into a circle. I untwisted the hanger partto slide ornaments on the wire.

Then I slid ornaments onto the hanger. Using a variety of sizes seemed to make them bunch together better. I didn't hot-glue the ornaments into the hangers on them, but a few fell off while I was arranging them, so I ended up hot-gluing a few of them back on so they'd hang better. I also found the ornaments from Wal-mart worked better than the ones from Dollar Tree.

To finish, I needed something at the top. So I took wire tinsel and wrapped it around the hanger that was still showing and then tied on some snowflake ornaments {$1 for four snowflakes at Target}. I loved the snowflakes {yes, probably more than I actually love snow ...}, so I hot-glued a few more on the ornaments.

And then I hung it on my front door. Happy December to you!


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1 comment:

  1. I love those colors. I had bought them too in hopes of decorating the living room tree in that color scheme. I bought Shelby a 3'.5" purple tree for her room to put the collected family ornaments on. This idea did not sit well with her so I had the blues/teals left over. I was going to use them for the wreath that I made, but I was afraid since they are the glass ones they would not hold up to being stored as well. The silver/green I used in mine are from Big Lots. $4 for 32 and it took 2 boxes. I too had to hot glue to fix ones that popped off and to fill it out the way I wanted.