Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's inside?

Among my friends, I've long been the one who carries a big purse that is more like a bag. It's just how I like it. I used to carry things like a notebook, a bottle of water and whatever book I was reading.

Times have changed ...

Yep. That's what was in my purse when I dumped it out this afternoon in an organization attempt.

I still have a notebook, which, more importantly, is my to-do list. Greg asked why I didn't keep my to-do list on my iPhone, which does house other lists (songs I want to download, quotes from books or movies, Ben's growing list of words ...). It's a valid question. But I can't part ways from seeing my list, adding to it as things come along, and crossing items off when they're complete. In fact, that to-do list in the picture needs some updating.

And there are toys: a bag of stickers and crayons, more stickers, a stencil, two mermaids, a car, a train and a flower slap bracelet.

The necessary toiletries are there too: Burt's Bees chap stick, lip gloss, another lip gloss belong to my 4-year-old girl, two lotions, sunscreen for faces, Shout wipes, glucose monitor and insulin. The hand sanitizer, better known as "hanitizer" around here, hangs on the outside of my purse.

Usually you'd find fruit snacks. But this time there is just a lonely piece of bubble gum and some Propel to add to water. Apparently, I need to restock.

I never go anywhere without wipes. And, obviously, I usually have diapers for my son, but I used the last one in my purse at a friend's house today. And more will be restocked when I fill my purse back up. Oh, and those are straws inside that toothbrush holder.

The staples remain: keys, wallet, change purse and pen.

Of course, Ben is usually carrying his cup, but those few times he's not, it's in there too. And my Kindle goes in when we're going farther than around our small town.

Moms, what unusual things are in your purse? What do you not leave home without? Other ladies, surely someone else likes to carry a big purse like me ...

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1 comment:

  1. I'm not a mom, but I don't see myself leaving without some form of paper even when I am a mom. And when I've been an acting mom, I never left without wipes.