Monday, February 7, 2011

Cate's words

I can't remember Cate not talking.

Yesterday I was remembering her days as a wobbly, learning-to-walk, trying-to-talk todder while I looked through some videos from that summer. Ben is 14 months, so I realized how much more she was saying than he is. Not that he's quiet. I'm pretty sure his thoughts will be verbalized soon.

And then I remembered I kept a list of Cate's words for awhile.

The post I just wrote about colors also got me thinking about some of Cate's word choices that have become normal vocabulary around our house.

Like "hanitizer." It's brilliant, really. You know, hand sanitizer, just slurred together.

Then there's "white paper" for toilet paper. And while we're having bathroom talk, I'll share a couple related to a bodily function, better known as "farse" around here. And when that happens, she'll say, "Excuse me bottom."

Now that she's 3 1/2, she tells story after story and likes to tell people what to do. She's funny and smart. And she has a little brother watching her.

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  1. "Hanitizer" should be copyrighted! And "excuse me bottom" made me laugh out loud.