Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where's Ben?

How does it look?

What hat?

Ah, yes, this hat ...

Where did Ben* go?

Oh, there he is!

* Speaking of looking for Ben, Cate and I were in the van heading toward a birthday party for a boy from church when she asked, "Where's my brother?" I'm fairly sure she even glanced at his empty car seat next to her.

"He's at home napping. Remember he and Daddy are there?"

She giggled and then said, "Oh, yeah." Clearly us girls don't get out on our own very often these days. Yet that was Saturday. And then Sunday we went to another party by ourselves. Consider it a special weekend because Ben really likes to be near his sister. Sometimes even nearer than she'd prefer.

{Thanks to Courtney for the impromptu photo shoot of Ben while we were hanging out Friday night and Andy for the hat, which proved far more entertaining than anyone could imagine.}

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