Sunday, May 8, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4!

Celebrating 4-year-old Cate this weekend was fun.

We had a picnic lunch in our backyard on Friday and then walked to Dairy Queen. Ben, of course, was eager to help his sister open her present. It was a fun afternoon on her actual birthday, which included some welcomed sunshine.

We all were excited Grandmom, Kevin, Laine, Milla and Jax were able to spend the weekend with us. Cate, Milla and Jax got some pre-party jumping in before the guests {including the unwelcomed guest, courtesy Mother Nature} arrived.

All six of Cate's cousins from both sides of our family, four school friends and nine other family/church friends were able to come to her party on Saturday.

The rain ended up coming to her party, too, but we didn't let it damper our celebration. The guys moved the tables into our carport and we had an indoor/outdoor party. Eventually, the rain stopped and the kids got to jump in the bouncy houses we borrowed from friends.

The rain did eventually stop, which gave the kids a chance to bounce. Ben was happy to have this smaller of the two borrowed jumpy houses to himself later in the afternoon.

Cate was especially glad her 7-year-old cousin Milla was able to come to party and "sleep here for two nights." One of my favorite conversations I overheard between them went like this:

"Hey, Cate, want to watch me play my game?"

"Sure!" Cate said, with much enthusiasm. I think she may have looked at the scene once before fully concentrating on getting her little Disney princesses dressed.

Whether jumping, laughing, talking or sitting, we all were happy to be together while celebrating Cate and the blessings that come from having each other.

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