Tuesday, April 12, 2011

chasing the deer

The deer is no longer in our yard, thanks to the Fish & Wildlife officer who joined the crew, which is partially pictured above. At various times yesterday evening, a few city policeman, a couple teen-age boys, a neighbor and a Humane Society representative with a video camera chased the deer through our yard and our neighbor's yard. It was the fastest I'd seen the deer move; I'm guessing she didn't like the idea of the rope one of the guys was carrying.

Turns out, the deer was probably somebody's illegal pet because it wasn't native to or even known to be in our area. The deer's hop was what gave her away to the Fish & Wildlife officer as being a fallow deer. I don't know much about deer, but this one didn't seem to run like ones I've seen darting across the country roads around here.

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