Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not all roses

I turned on the TV to watched the recorded finale of "The Bachelor" and there sat Emily and Brad on the couch while "After the Rose" show was airing.

Yep. I learned who Brad picked before the finale aired. Until today when Holly e-mailed me that she saw a magazine cover with Emily and Brad and then I saw the same magazine in the check-out line at the grocery store today, I thought Brad would choose Chantal. But I was still hoping for Emily.

Seems like my hope was reality. But, as Emily shared later, reality TV doesn't mean a transition into reality is easy.

Emily asked a tough question: What does being a father mean? As a parent, I so appreciate that. I get where she's coming from. I understand why Brad didn't want to be questioned over and over again, but I also think Emily just wanted to make sure she wasn't opening up her life -- and her daughter's life -- to someone that wasn't really in it. Even though it was a hard conversation, I think it was necessary, and it didn't deter Brad in the end.

And wasn't that Train song beautiful?

So ... after the final rose. They seemed still to be adjusting to each other but like they want to make it work. At least Brad seems to realize that the show is a fairytale and real life isn't.

I kept wondering why Emily's engagement ring was missing? And I was surprised they had planned to get married last night -- on TV. I think it's OK to wait, even if that's what they want, so they could deal with the logistics of this life-changing season. I hope it works. I hope love prevails.

Brad just keeps rubbing her ring finger, which really didn't have a ring on it.

Even so, Emily really needs to get over the show, and Chantal. I don't want her insecurities to get the best of all the potential good things. "I was watching it and thinking, 'I'd pick her.'" Thing is, Emily, Brad picked you.

Rest in that.

And -- finally -- he gave her the ring to put back on her finger. I guess it fits better now.


  1. I was kinda hoping he'd pick Chantal. I was bummed. I was so bummed I stopped watching ATFR.

    I can see where Emily would be so insecure. Brad said similar thi gs in similar ways to a bunch of those girls. Sucks for Em. Ah well. I hope they figure it out.

  2. The night in the fantasy suite with the other women would bug me too, but if she went on the show she should have know how it would be. I hope she doesn't mess it up too. I think they are good together. I did think she was more open than I ever remember her being on the After the Rose show, which I think was good. I'm pulling for them too.