Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I put clean pajamas [read: sweatpants, T-shirt and sweatshirt] on after I showered this afternoon.

And I wasn't even going to shower today, but I thought the hot water would feel good on my congested head. Plus Greg was home for lunch, so I took advantage of having a second adult to supervise our two sickly children.

Cate hadn't had a fever in her first three years of life, and now she's had her second one just four months after her first. And she had symptom-free strep throat between the two fevers. Welcome to preschool, I know. And, yes, that probably applies to at least the latter two.

This second fever reared its head Sunday and then again Tuesday afternoon, after Cate told her teacher, "I just don't feel great." The school director ended up calling me for the first time. And I picked her up early. She's been congested, and then her eye started looking a little pink. The doctor said she had an ear infection and hay fever [who lives in Kentucky and doesn't have annoying allergies at some point?]. So some antihistamine and antibiotic are working to make my girl feel better.

Ben has a little stomach bug that has manifested itself in his diapers. The pediatrician called into the pharmacy the prescription for a cream for his extremely rashy bottom. I'm thankful for that and that I didn't have to make my second trip to the pediatrician's office in two days. And, really, counting Ben's year-old check-up appointment last week, it would have been the third time in a week. The nice nurse also gave me the proper dosage for Benadryl, which is helping relieve some of Ben's congestion.

Speaking of Benadryl, I have a funny story for you: Ben fell asleep on me this morning while we were resting on one couch while Cate watched "Merry Madagascar" from the other couch. I laid my blanket-wrapped boy down gently so I could get up for a few minutes. He was still sleeping when Greg came home for lunch, bearing gifts of orange juice, Pedialyte and Ben's prescription cream. I heard a little sound while the three of us were eating in the kitchen. Like Ben had scooted his way off the couch. Not a plop, at least. Well, when I walked in the room, my blanket-wrapped boy was still asleep ... only he was on the floor now! He totally rolled off and didn't even wake up! I supposed Benadryl had that kind of effect on him.

This afternoon has proved more energetic for all three of us.

Ben took his regular afternoon nap even though he had two cat naps this morning.

Cate also took her regular nap, although she wanted to change out of her pajamas before getting in her bed. I told her about today being a day of rest in our pajamas all day. She said, "No, we have to change our clothes every day."

She has a point.

So she changed into sweatpants and a T-shirt. Then she went to sleep.

They both woke up with more energy, and I wrapped some Christmas presents for our early Christmas celebration with Greg's brothers and their families this weekend. I also finished "Choosing to See," a book that helped me pause to think about how to better treasure motherhood and reminded that God is indeed in control. He's really the best choice for the throne, even though I try to steal his seat sometimes.

Here's to the King, who was born in a manger thousands of years ago yet still orchestrates the beautiful details of my life now. Even on days that are spent in my pajamas.

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  1. "No, we have to change our clothes every day." I can't get over how grown-up she sounds! I love her sense of routine.