Monday, December 13, 2010


Courtney and I can't really remember when we started hanging out regularly.

We met in October 2007, when I showed up at a mom's group she hosted. It was a couple weeks after I quit my job at the Ledger & Times and I wanted to make sure I found some fellow stay-at-home moms to befriend. My friendship with Courtney was without question the best thing to come out of that group for me. Sure, I was encouraged in smaller ways the times we met. Sure, God showed me how I could trust him when I take a step out of my comfort zone.

But I made a dear friend.

And then our kids and husbands became friends with each other too.

I remember hanging out on Courtney's back porch while the kids played in the yard. It must have been appropriate weather to be outside, even though I can't remember when this was. Thanks to pictures, I know we went to YaYa's Island together on Oct. 31, 2008.

And since then ...

We've had countless lunches together at the park.

We've freezer cooked together several times.

And Courtney has even become a football and basketball fan.

Sure, we socialize together, but, more importantly, we share our lives, talking about ordinary things and heart matters.

Our families have plans in the coming weeks to celebrate birthdays, both Jesus' birth and her husband Andy's birthday. And there are sure to be many more times of playing, talking, cooking, cheering, celebrating and living.

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