Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Councilman Taylor

My husband will be one of Murray's new councilmen, starting in January, thanks to the 1,624 people who voted for him yesterday. I covered the Murray City Council when I worked at the Ledger & Times, so I'm excited in a nerdy way in addition to the typical supportive wife way.

It was a 24-person race for 12 at-large seats. Here were the top 12 vote-getters who will represent city residents ...

Danny Hudpseth - 2,547
Jason Pittman - 2,176
Dan Miller - 1,970
Robert Billington Jr. - 1,904
Linda Cherry - 1,837
Jeremy Bell - 1,757
Pat Scott - 1.681
Greg Taylor - 1,624
Pete Lancaster - 1,605
Don Elias - 1,580
Jay Morgan - 1,564
Amos McCarty - 1,500

Greg had the highest vote totals among the four non-incumbents. If I were writing a story, that would be my lead.


  1. Jason's back on? I'm glad to see that. I do wish Danny had run for mayor.
    I think you know by now how I feel about Greg being elected. :) I told him that my spirit vote must have counted.

  2. Such great news! We need more good Christian men in politics!