Friday, September 17, 2010

You Never Let Go

... Oh no, You never let go/Through the calm and through the storm/Oh no, You never let go/In every high and every low/Oh no, You never let go/Lord, You never let go of me/Yes, I can see a light that is coming/For the heart that holds on/And there will be an end to these troubles/But until that day comes/Still I will praise You, still I will praise You ...

Cate is into asking the names of people, songs and restaurants. And we listen to many songs when we are in the mini van, so I'm often answering, "What's this called?" when the iPod on my iPhone, which I hook up to a cord attached to a tape [Yes, a tape!] that lets me listen over the vehicle speakers, plays a new song.

So, we were listening to this song recently ...

... and I hear from the seat behind me, "Momma, what's this one called?

"You Never Let Go."

My 3-year-old is into details like her momma. "It's a boy?"

"Yes, Jeremy Camp."

Then she listens and apparently thinks. "It's You Never Let Go like when I'm on the swing?"

I love when she puts together different memories, connecting moments. She remembers what happened when she let go once last year, just after Daddy pushed her. She didn't tell us she was ready to let go. She just went. And landed hard. But she got up and back on the swing. "Yes, like that. You don't let go of the swing. And God doesn't let go of us."

Thankfully, when we prematurely let go, or don't hold on tight enough to our convictions and to the promises of God, we're able to get back up, and continue on. Because our God never lets go. Even when we do.


  1. I too have the tape connector for my IPOD to tape deck in our van. That's how we roll. Madison is very into asking me who everyone is. I over heard a conversation being had between 3 boys approximately age 6. We were at OCHS football stadium and they were inspecting a bug on the ground. I think it was one of those brown beetles that always get stuck on screens. Anyway, one of the little boys wanted to squish it. The other one quickly said, "We can't squish it. God made it and He wouldn't want us to do that. He loves us all." Talk about sharing your faith. Our kids are what we sow in them. If I had seen them go to their parents, I would have shared what I heard.

  2. Thanks for sharing that song! It is a great reminder of how God always has a hold of us and never lets us go regardless of what we are going through.