Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hey, Summer, let go ...

My husband reminded me the other day that Summer is still officially here. I love her, but she seems to be lingering. I'm eager to wear jackets and jeans and dress my kids in their fall clothes. I'm ready for cool nights around my fire pit and s'mores.

Cate and I read "Autumn is for Apples" and "Let It Fall" [Hooray for Scholastic book orders!] a couple nights ago. And she informed me she wants to plant an apple tree in our yard. I tried to explain the slow, long process of tree growth and told her to talk to her daddy about planting a tree. But I did promise her I'd look into planning a trip to an orchard. She asked if there were be a ladder and informed me she'd need one to reach the apples.

Now we're left to embrace the last week official week of summer. And we did so with a picnic at the park yesterday with some friends. Mostly Cate wanted to use the picnic basket I bought her several weeks ago at a yard sale. I had been delaying her desires for a picnic because of the nasty humidity that seems to be letting go.

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  1. Once summer relinquishes its hold on humidity, it's a fast downhill slope to fall.