Sunday, July 11, 2010

family fun, indeed

We found a new place in western Kentucky. It's not actually new, but it is new to us. That's three-fourths of our family taking a mini golf break in the cute chairs under a beachy hut at Kentucky Shores Family Fun Center in Marshall County. And, yes, Ben was with us, cruising around in the stroller while we played mini golf and rode go-carts*.

This would have been Cate's second mini golf game. The first came about a week earlier in Hilton Head.

She scopes out the hole.

Sometimes it's more like she's playing hockey.

And sometimes she just needs to be a little closer to the hole.

* I don't have any photos of us on the go-carts because it was getting dark and the track was a little too far from the viewing area to get any decent dimly lit action shots. Courtney may have one on her camera. But, until then, you should know that Cate loved the go-carts. She rode twice -- once with Greg and once with me -- and loved every minute of both trips. In fact, when my go-cart stalled and died, she insisted we "go faster," which we eventually did after some assistance.

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  1. Love the pics, and love that we all got to go to KY shores together! P.S. I like the new font on your blog :)