Monday, July 19, 2010

family biking & exercising

I'm on the move. And now they can go with me.

Greg and I have been talking about going on family bike rides for some time now. We got all the pieces in place, finally, tonight, just in time to ride a few blocks near our house. We're looking forward to more [and longer!] outings. As you can see, the kids seemed to enjoy it too.

That bike trailer Cate can ride in was my anniversary gift from Greg. We ordered our gifts together the other night. I requested this trailer that Greg can pull when we go on family bike rides. He wanted some new golf clubs after a mishap with his driver in Hilton Head. Romantic gifts, I know. And the UPS guy delivered them today, which happens to be two weeks and a day before our actual anniversary.

Hey, at least we're already putting one of the gifts to good use!

Also, while I'm thinking about exercising, I realized I hadn't shared about my the stroller fitness class I'm loving. I've posted about walking and exercising before, so here's an update: In mid-June, Jaclyn and I were walking like we often do at Chestnut Park when another lady ran up to tell us about the class she was starting. Right there. Across the street from my house. I could bring my kids while I exercise.

Totally a solution to something I had gone over and over in my mind.

I've been doing it two days a week for about a month now and I'm loving the motivation and accountability being part of a class gives me. Plus, I enjoy being around the other moms. In fact, I am thinking about adding a third day in August. Here is a recent article about the New York version of the class, which Cassandra started locally after going to some training in New York.

We walk and jog with the stroller. Today I thought my thighs were going to explode when we did lunges down Eighth Street. We use benches for all sorts of arm and leg exercises. And, really, my kids fit in quite well.

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  1. Look at you guys, all biker professional looking. Oh, and I really like the red heading above your posts.