Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Worth Repeating Wednesday

We like simple explanations of reality because we like control. We want to stuff the complexity of the world into our little minds because if we can hold it all in our minds, there is no mystery. But God did not give us control over the complexity of the cosmos. He gave us limited control over ourselves, and those whom it is appropriate we care for, children and so forth.

... I think God has given us limited information, much like a father does His children, giving them more information as they need it for their stage of life. I’d consider earth a kind of infancy, to be honest. ...

Job asks of God some very difficult theological questions. His friends attempt to answer Job’s questions, but they get it wrong. They are controlling and assume they can read God’s actions through a theological grid. But they are wrong. When God finally addresses Job’s concerns, God does not answer Job’s questions at all. Instead, God puts on a show of force and power, and humbles Job. God asks Job who stores the snow every winter, who stops the waves from taking over the land. And Job responds by saying that life is too wonderful for him. God simply wanted Job to know that He was trustworthy. God did not want Job to have all the answers. Job wanted control. God had control. God wanted Job to realize He was in control, and wanted Job to find security in that, regardless of his circumstances.

--Donald Miller on his blog

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  1. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing...ironically our pastor has been preaching out of Job at church for the past few weeks now!