Friday, June 25, 2010

Who needs toys?

For the second time recently, I've taken a picture of Ben and soon after thought of a similar picture of Cate. First, the similarites involved Diet Dr Pepper bottles, and, now, straws ...

That's 7-month-old Ben earlier this week. And here is Cate when she 6 months old ...

Any of you Murrayans knows the setting for these photos? In Ben's pictures, you'll have to use the background as a clue; in Cate's, you'll have to use the straw itself.


  1. Ben: Taco John's
    Cate: Sonic??

    Cute pictures, by the way!!!

  2. Ben's at culvers or taco johns..been awhile since i've been in either there

    Cate's hmm..sonic or pizza hut

    Mindy Estes

  3. Ben is at Taco John's and Cate is at Quizno's or Subway is my guess