Thursday, June 24, 2010


Babies change much in six months. The larger Taylor family welcomed three babies in 2009. Evelyn was born in April, Emaline followed in September and our Ben came in November. We took a picture of the babies on Christmas Day and decided to again today while Emaline (and her momma cousin Alyssa) were in town.

That was then ...

Ben and Evelyn are first cousins and Emaline is their second cousin. Another baby joined the family on June 9 when John and Christine welcomed their daughter, Mae Rose. If you're keeping track, that means Greg's grandparents added four great-grandchildren in 14 months! [There are seven great-grandchildren total, and all of them are 6 and younger!] It's going to be so much fun to watch them grow up together.

And this is now ...

And, don't worry, we'll continue with the group photo shoots through the years!

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  1. Adorable pictures!!! Wow, how they have changed!