Friday, June 18, 2010

swim, swim, swim

Cate has swim lessons every day [for 30 minutes] this week. And, well, because we already had our swimsuits and towels out, we went swimming two additional times Tuesday, another time Thursday, and once again today. That's in addition the swim lessons at the city pool each morning.

Tuesday included trips to the pool at Greg's aunt and uncle's house and later to friends' lake house. After swim lessons Thursday, we stayed at the public pool with some friends ... and many, many other people who weren't scared away by the threat of rain, which eventually came. This afternoon was spent hanging out with my sister-in-law Angela and her kids in their backyard pool.

I didn't look like I had overstayed my welcome in the sun ... until today.

And, you know, I didn't take any pictures until today. Yes, I had my camera, but, really, you know, it can be difficult to watch two kids in and around the water, keep my camera dry, manage to get some sun myself, AND take pictures.

But Cate is really good at jumping in and letting herself go under, thanks to five consecutive swim lessons. Want to see?

[No, she didn't jump on top of Ethne, like is may appear. Yes, that is our new van* in the background!]


*In addition to swimming this week, I drove a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country minivan that I knew I wanted to own once I sat in it. Although I had been driving it since Tuesday afternoon, it officially became ours this afternoon -- just hours after we sold my Alero [thanks to Craigslist!] to a dad who was buying it for his daughter.


  1. There's a lot to comment here - I love the van!! And Cate looks so big and brave jumping in. I'm a little jealous of your pool time, though the only thing keeping me from going is, well, myself. The AC calls my name too loudly.

    And that's AWESOME that you sold your car ALREADY!! God is good.

  2. I love being a mini-van mom. There are so many wonderful things about it when you have kids. Congrats on the new wheels and being fortunate enough to have sold your car. Next summer will probably be Madison and John's swim lessons. John can't swim and isn't afraid to say so, but he doesn't want Madison to have fear of the water like he does. I'm glad to see Cate doing so well with them. Water pictures are so difficult! You want to take photos of the moment, but with all the things you mentioned it makes it difficult if you are the only parent present.