Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: The End

If you haven't watched the "Lost" finale, which aired last night, you may want to stop reading ...

But, wait, I still have questions ...

Why didn't Mr. Eko join the reunion party in the church? [And there were others missing, too.]

And why can't we learn more about Eloise?

What was the leadership combination of Hurley and Ben like on the island?

How/when does Hurley die? And Kate?

I was happy to see Rose and Bernard -- and Vincent! -- during the episode. They were happily living their live in who knows when. And then there was Shannon's reunion with Sayid and Juliet's with Sawyer. Both were sweet, and worth waiting for.

The irony of Jack trying to save Locke in the flash-sideways and trying to kill Fake Locke on the island was good tension.

The best line of the night: "I don't believe in a lot of things, but I believe in duct tape." Nice, Miles.

Shannon and Sayid. Kate and Claire. Kate and Jack. Juliet and Sawyer. Clarie and Charlie. Charlotte and Daniel. When they are with the people they are supposed to be with in the flash-sideways their souls find peace. Meanwhile, what happened on the island happened.

And they don't get it until they're ready. Ready to move on. Like the flash-sideways were purgatory moments of waiting ... and deciding. [I did like learning Juliet was David's mom in the flash-sideways, as I suspected. And I loved the parallels between the realities with the candy bar at the vending machine and Clarie giving birth to Aaron with Kate by her side.]

"There is no now here. ... This is the place you all made together so you could find one another. ... Nobody does it alone, Jack." Thanks, Christian Shepherd for that explanation. Sort of.

Were you satisfied? What did you like learning? What do you still want to know?


  1. Ok, so I just finished it. I'm not sure how I feel yet. Let me process for a couple hours.

    But the main question that I can't get over: how in the world did Jack and Juliet geta son ? even Locke post surgery told him he didn't have a son.

    Why wasn't frank at church? Why wouldnt Ben go in? How in the dickens did Jack get out that hole...only to die With V by his side?why didn't Jack kiss Kate again? Why did they all forget after they died? Why could only certain people trigger the memories? Why Christian?

    I'm sure I'll come up with tons more.

    Satisfied? Maybe. Confused? Yes. Go figure. Disapointed? Maybe a little.

  2. Shelley told me to copy and paste my e-mailed response to her, so I'm doing that ...

    I just don't think there should be this many questions ... that's my big problem with the whole thing.

    I think the "alternate" realities in the flash-sideways had to do with their souls finding peace after they died. Like purgatory, sort of. So I don't know why there differences from their "real" lives, like Jack and Juliet having a son. That's the stuff I don't feel like was explained very well.

    Frank. Miles. Richard. None of that crew was in the church, I don't think. There were other people missing too.

    I think memories of "what happened" were triggered when they were with the people they were "supposed" to be with. Jack and Kate. Kate and Clarie. Claire and Charlie. Sawyer and Juliet. Daniel and Charlotte. Sayid and Shannon.

    I loved a couple things about the finale ... I loved how Jack dying in the jungle paralleled him opening his eyes in the jungle with the plane first crashed. In the very first episode. And I loved how he was laying there and looked up and saw Frank and company flying away in the Aijra plane.

    And I loved the theme that life is only worth living with other people. We help and hurt each other. But in the end, being in community is the most fulfilling way to live.