Monday, May 10, 2010

another visit

He was back last night. Our friend Bryan took this photo with my iPhone. [I warned him not to drop my phone in the creek where the raccoon was hanging out!] Anyway, Mr. Raccoon better watch out. This morning the animal control officer set a trap between the creek and tree line he likes to run along. I hope the food tempts him and we can get him away from here.

The animal control officer did tell me not to touch him once he's trapped. Um, yeah, OK. That's not a problem. He also told me raccoon are all over this area; we just don't usually see them. I told him my problem was that I keep seeing this one and he's not afraid to come out in plain sight when we're hanging out with our friends and their kids in the back yard.

I wondered when the officer showed up this morning if he knew raccoons were nocturnal, but he did mention them coming out at night, so I guess he understands. I guess the officer doesn't come out at night, so he set a trap at 9 a.m. Whatever works.

And I hope the trap works.

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  1. Whatever you do, RESIST EVERY URGE and DON'T TOUCH IT!!!!!!! I know you want to but you can't.