Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"My new brother Benjamin"

Even after 5 months, Cate often introduces Ben has "my new brother Benjamin." It's really sweet. And protective. And slightly possessive. I was joking the other day that she'll be 15, meaning he'll be 12 1/2, and she still be introducing him as her "new brother." Of course, she still calls our house, that we've lived in for six months, our "new house."

We'll talk to Ben. Or say, "Hey, Cate, Benjamin is talking to you." And she'll point out that he's not really talking and he'll be able to talk when he's bigger.

"When he's bigger." It's a popular phrase from my girl, who turns 3 next week. According to Cate, when Ben is bigger, he will ...



Give hugs.

Ride in the big red car at the grocery store.

The other day I was babbling to Ben about how he's getting bigger. And Cate corrected me: "He's not bigger yet, Mommy." No, I guess not. Not in the mind of an almost-3-year-old who sees the world as it is. Literally.

But, hey, he weighs 15 pounds. So he's indeed gotten bigger. At least a little.


  1. When I say this, I say it as 100% complimentary - she is just like you! She's a thinker and so literal. You've done a good job!

  2. Oh, oh, oh...the picture of Greg and the kids - awesome. So sweet.

  3. I love how they think!!

    LOVE the pic of Greg and the kids! That is precious!

  4. Elijah and I have been having similar discussions, except (of course) they're more about him than anyone else. He wants to be bigger so that he can do more things (except the things he wants to do never really make sense).