Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everybody seems LOST

Two friends texted me last night about how great they thought "Lost" was. I had just finished watching and was a little disappointed. "Everybody Loves Hugo" just didn't live up to the previous three episodes for me. It seemed choppy and like the writers were trying to do too much. Now, with that said, there were some great moments, especially with Desmond.

Consider yourself warned right now. If you haven't seen the most recent episode of "Lost," which aired last night, stop reading. Now. On to my bittersweet countdown. Sadly, there are only six hours of "Lost" left. But I'm oh-so anxious to see how it ends.

1. The theme of love continues with Hurley's mom trying to set him up. But then he meets Libby (again) and really falls in love. And then they finally get their picnic ... on the beach, which Libby describes as familiar. [Speaking of familiar, nice to see you, Dr. Chang. And you too, Michael.]

2. "If I tell you, you'll think I am crazy. " Don't worry, Libby. Hurley knows crazy. And then later Hurley realizes she's indeed not crazy. "Whoa. Dude. I think I am remembering stuff." Like love makes the island world surface in the flash-sideways reality.

3. Ilana says she has been trying her whole life to protect these people. "Nothing is more important than this." Then she dies. But maybe, just maybe, that doesn't matter, especially to Hurley, who says: "Dead people are more reliable than the live ones."

4. The whispers. Michael is stuck on the island because of what he did. He and the other whispers can't move on. Makes the island seem like purgatory.

5. Despite nearing the end, the troops are still splitting. This time it's Richard vs. Hurley. Should be interesting.

6. Just before Locke pushed Desmond down the very old well, I thought, "Fake Locke is going to push Desmond down there." So I wasn't surprised. But, still, it was quite a moment, especially after coming on the heels of their conversation about fear. [Locke asks Desmond why he isn't afraid. His response? "What is the point of being afraid?"] Back in L.A., courtesy more flash-sideways, Desmond seems to have more control ... especially when he ran over Locke!

Now you. What do you think about Hurley? Desmond? Locke? Any of our island friends?


  1. It would be cool if Ilana came to Hurley and helped him now that she is dead. Of course, she wouldn't I guess because she's not one of the ones who can't move on? Okay, now I'm really confused.

  2. I wasn't surprised by the push, but I still made the shocked "O" face. It's like I'm Pavlov's dog. They want a gasp, they get it. ha.

  3. I'm not bummed about Illana's death, but I think it leaves a lot of questions un-answered.

    I am really, really bummed that Miles went with Richard and Ben. Miles and Hurley had been quite a team, and I'm sad to see them split up.

    I'm confused by the whispers explanation, because then how did Hurley see Richard's wife? That doesn't seem to fit with the explanation.

  4. I liked this episode but I did feel like a lot was crammed into it. I have a recap up here Stop by.

    I think the well may have some biblical significance, but I'm not completely sure about that.

    It was surprising to see Ilana blow up, but I can't say that I will miss her much.

    Hurley and Libby....I like Hugo in both the island life and the sideways life. But how will these two lives intersect.

    Only six more hours until the end. Bittersweet.