Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The truth is, we operate out of who we believe we are. And God needs us to be strong, because there is important work to be done. God isn't served when we can't own our own accomplishments. He doesn't want us arrogant, but He does want us confident.

I read that on Donald Miller's blog last night. It really struck me because too often I judge my day on the progress I see. But I'm called to a job right now that is more about long-term investments. Even so, in the daily life of motherhood, I find myself accomplishing many little things while investing in who my daughter and son are, as members of this family, as people in general.

Miller encouraged people to keep an on-going list of the day's accomplishments, which I realize that term alone is going to be defined differently by everyone. So I sat in bed last night and wrote, in no particular order, my "accomplishments," as a wife, mother and friend ...

* I made four doctor appointments for various members of my family.
* I folded the last of the nine loads of laundry I washed Sunday and Monday.
* I put away my basket of clothes, which I carried to my room with my almost-3-year-old daughter on my back.
* I made dinner for us and another family.
* I cut up lettuce for my lunch salad.
* I had lunch with my husband and daughter.
* I arranged childcare for Thursday morning, when I'm going to work at the office and get my hair cut. I then made plans for lunch at the park with friends because that's supposed to be the prettiest day this week.
* I walked to Jaclyn's house when there was a slight break in the rain.
* She then drove us all to the RSEC, where we walked some laps.
* I arranged childcare for one morning next week.
* I went to my diabetes check-up appointment.
* I talked to Jodi about "Fringe."
* I cleaned the kitchen. Twice.
* I read a chapter of "The Prince of Frogtown."
* I ordered a present online for a friend.
* I made some plans for the weekend.
* I scrapbooked two pages. And I thought about another one.
* I hugged Cate. She gave me kisses.
* I fed and snuggled with Ben. Multiple times.
* I helped Cate in the bathroom.
* I changed some diapers.
* I took my kids to Courtney's house before and hung out after my doctor's appointment.
* I talked to my mother-in-law, who was at home at night for the first time since my father-in-law died. That was three weeks ago.
* I skimmed the Ledger & Times.
* I chatted and texted with Holly.
* I held Cate after her nap and then had her help me in the kitchen.
* I made this list.
* I read some blogs and a devotion.
* I talked on the phone, emailed and talked in person with Courtney. Multiple times throughout the day.
* I laid on the floor with Ben and Cate.

And I laid in bed, thanking God for the day because despite a battle with my up-and-down blood sugar, I managed to be surrounded by all these accomplishments that somehow work together to make God's peace and love evident. I'm learning that accomplishment means something different each day, but I never want to forget that it means spending time with, being with and teaching these little people who depend on me as their mom.


  1. And then you wonder why you're tired. I think the list is a good idea.

  2. Being a Wife and Mother will always
    be your biggest investment and accomplishment. I am so thankful for that opportunity to do both.