Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, I'm surprised I like dressing my kids in holiday attire as much as
I do. But, hey, I might as well do it before they decide it's too dorky.

I've decided holidays are more fun with a toddler in the house. Cate is especially loving Valentine's Day because it involves hearts and making cards for all her friends. "All my friends" is a popular phrase around here. And, to be fair, it refers to everyone we know, including but not limited to fellow toddlers. Thinking about this has made me thankful, once again, for our community of friends. Our family is friends with other families, and I think that's a special environment for our kids to have.

With that said, I'm glad our 5-year-old friend Tuvia wanted to have a Valentine's Day party on Saturday. Cate had a grand time picking out Handy Manny [Yes, seriously, over Disney princesses and Mickey Mouse ...] cards, writing "her name," sealing them closed with a heart sticker and putting the cards along with some mini M&Ms in Zip-locs for "all the friends." [In this case, "friends" was limited to those 5 and younger.]

So onto the actual party, where there were heart-shaped pepperonis and pink-colored, heart-shaped Rice Krispy treats ...


Here is me and my smallest Valentine ...

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