Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Inspired by Ali Edwards, I chose a word for 2010. Like a resolution.


As in I want to BE PRESENT in the moment. With my husband. With my kids. In my community of friends and family. I want to notice the small things because I don't want to forget them as life races around me. I want to enjoy my home and the moments that happen here. I don't to wish away the PRESENT in anticipation of what's next. [Although I won't be sad when Ben is sleeping through the night ...]

Can you believe it is 2010? I clearly remembering ringing in 2000 with college friends. I wasn't really worried about the world ending, but I suppose some people really were. It's been an entire decade since them. Wow. And to think about all the life changes since 2000 ... I graduated from college, moved from Murray to Louisville, moved to Lexington, got married, moved back to Murray, started working at Ledger & Times, was diagnosed with diabetes, supported my husband as he started his own company after being in law practice with someone else, adopted a daughter, quit my job, moved across town and brought our son home. And that doesn't even include our many trips, including, but not limited to, Hilton Head (twice), Greece and Italy, a road trip through New York State and New Zealand. Those are the headlines. The friendships made, board games played, dinners shared and babies held are equally important.

Much can happen in a year. And a decade. Cherish the moments. Be in the moment. Be PRESENT.

A year ago, I started a project called Thursday's Thought. And, you know, looking back, I kept up with it pretty well. I'm pleased with my project and hope you enjoyed seeing people, places and things that caught my eye and my mind.

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