Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun with lots of Taylors

The annual Taylor Christmas Party is always fun, which is probably a direct result of there being so many people. And this year some people were even missing. Of course, we had "new" people, like my niece Evelyn and Ben.

Cate was torn between singing karaoke (with her best performance being "You Are My Sunshine") and jumping ...

There also was dancing ...

That's Cate with Gabe (her second cousin once removed). He volunteered to dance with her when she tried to cut in on her cousin siblings Elijah and Ethne. But, really, once they got going, Cate did the leading. Gabe didn't seem to mind.

When the night was over, the kids still wanted to jump, as you can see.

It's fun to look back at pictures from the same event a year ago and even two years ago.

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