Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas-y Weekend

We had quite a Christmas weekend.

It started with our date on Friday night. We went to see "Four Christmases" after we had dinner. I didn't realize I was really needing a date, so I'm glad we went, even though the movie was just OK. Speaking of Christmas movies, I watched "Elf" for the first time on Saturday morning. Greg had been teasing me about recording it, but I thought it was better than "Four Christmases." He seemed to think "Four Christmases" was slightly better. Although I'm not sure why we compared them because they aren't really anything alike. Just both holiday flicks. But at the top of my favorite holiday movies are "Love Actually" and "The Holiday."

Saturday afternoon/evening was the annual Taylor Christmas Party. This is Greg's grandpa + two great uncles + and all the other relatives that come under them on the family tree. Cate mostly played with her second cousins once removed, if that gives you any indication of the variety of relatives present.

Here's a picture of Greg's immediate family + their families. And we're just part of the crowd. I believe there were 30 adults + 13 kids (meaning 13 years old to a baby who is just a couple of months old ...) there.

Other highlights from the party ...

The night was all about the kids, according to the organizers. They had toys for them to play with + even had an inflatable jumping thing. Dolls were popular toys + thankfully there were two strollers.

Among the toys were these snowmen who pooped little candy pellets into its hat, which was conveniently sitting upside behind him. All you had to do was push down the snowman's tall. Christine discovered if you pushed the tail up, the snowman played a song.

Before we went to the party, I took some pictures of Cate by the tree ...


Then this afternoon we went caroling with people from church. My in-laws actually organized the outing + provided the buses.

I've probably mentioned that Cate is all about chairs, even her car seat, which she calls a chair. Gran Gran conveniently has car seats, so she was putting this one in the bus for Cate. But first Cate needed to test it out.

And she wanted to drive the bus! A true Taylor.

Here she is caroling ... sort of.

Granddaddy was popular, as usual, with the kids. Cate + Elijah are enjoying him here.

More party + caroling photos are posted in my Christmas album on Facebook.

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