Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fish are friends

While Greg went to the UK-Vanderbilt football game with some guys, we took advantage the Nashville road trip for some girl time. We went to Opry Mills to shop and eat at the Aquarium Restaurant. I knew Cate would love looking at all those fish. Plus she loved the company of two fun 5-year-old girls while I enjoyed catching up with their moms, who are college friends of ours.

She's 2. She can't read "Please keep hands off glass." I told her, but she was really into the fish. In fact, 5-year-old Libby told her too and was rather disappointed when Cate didn't listen.

The mall was crowded, like mid-December-Christmas-shopping crowded. Someone told me there were pre-Black Friday sales going on. Um, why is there the need to label a sale? Just have a sale. I did enjoy finding Ben some shorts for $2.99 at Gymboree.

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  1. This time of year is in fact when I summer shop for the kids! I don't always get the outfit I want due to sizes being sold out, but it is a great way to stock up a little at a time for next year.